The headline of this story could almost be satire. But it's true.

According to a recent post on one of the Billings community social media pages (and shared by a number of my friends), a tourist recently arrived at Billings Logan International Airport to a huge surprise. He had landed approximately 8,300 miles away from his intended destination.

Photo: Johnny Vincent
Photo: Johnny Vincent

Sydney, Australia. Not Sidney, Montana

The rideshare driver who recounted the details of the situation stated that the tourist that ended up in her car (a nice middle-aged man with a thick foreign accent she couldn't place) was looking forward to the vacation of his dreams. He couldn't wait to see kangaroos and hop on the cruise ship that was departing Sydney, Australia. Definitely not Sidney, Montana. Oh no!! Imagine his panic and disappointment when he realized his huge mistake.

Photo by Dan Freeman on Unsplash
Sydney, Australia. Photo by Dan Freeman on Unsplash

A world apart.

While some may wonder how this man's mixup was even possible, I do see how it could happen. Online booking can sometimes be a pain, and if he wasn't paying close attention to details on the airport dropdown menu, one could accidentally book the wrong Sidney Sydney.

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Google Street View
Sidney, MT. Google Street View

Thank you "Carol" at American Airlines for helping this traveler out.

The rideshare driver said her passenger couldn't stop talking about an employee at the American Airlines counter in Billings who went above and beyond to help the hapless traveler make the best of his vacation blunder. She kindly helped him rebook flights, find a hotel in Billings, and cancel/reschedule his itinerary with the cruise that he missed. The tourist mentioned that Carol at American Airlines was "his angel" and he couldn't stop talking about how kind and helpful everyone in Billings was during his unfortunate plight.

We want to give a heartfelt "THANK YOU" to Carol.

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