Five Things People With Respiratory Problems Can Do To Deal With Wildfire Smoke
Obviously they cause death and destruction for the immediately affected area, but for people who have asthma or other respiratory conditions, they can cause serious breathing problems even for those hundreds of miles away from the flames. I have someone in my family whose asthma can be a real problem and there were many days last year where she simply had to stay indoors because the air quality was so poor.
Somebody Doesn’t Like Lincoln, MT
On July 6th of this year the strongest earthquake in decades in Montana hit the Lincoln area and was recorded as a 5.8 magnitude. Yesterday to more small earthquakes hit the same general area. 2:44 am was a 3.5 magnitude and 3:30 am a 2...
Where Are We?
After all of this smoke, you begin to wonder where you are at.  This a great picture I took a couple of days ago here in Billings at sundown.  (Too bad I didn't have more than a cell phone camera).  The fires continue to rage in the western part of the state, which of course we not only worry about them but get the smoke blowing our way...
Smoke Triggers allergies
Warm, windy conditions over the weekend fanned wildfires that are burning in the Western, Central and even Eastern part of Montana, filling the air with smoke which left some Billings residents reaching for facial masks. “Air quality in Yellowstone County has ranged from unhealthy for sensitive groups to very unhealthy over the past two weeks,” John Felton, Yellowstone County Health Officer, said