Our rainy spring has finally faded and bike season is well underway in Billings. Unfortunately, there have already been a number of serious motorcycle accidents in June, two of which were fatal. I'm in no way pointing blame on anyone involved in those situations, as I have zero information regarding the circumstances. One thing I do know (as a rider and someone who likes to go fast) is that speed + motorcycles + other traffic rarely end well. That's simply a fact. Racing on public streets is dangerous and illegal.

Take it to the track, on July 9th at Yellowstone Drag Strip

The pro bike riders race at every event at Yellowstone Drag Strip throughout the season but on July 9th all of us regular Joes who like to ride fast have an opportunity to hit the track during their Nitro Mo Memorial weekend of racing. The road to the track is freshly paved (after all these years) and it's smooth as a pool table. Hop on your bike and come on out.

Image courtesy Yellowstone Drag Strip
Image courtesy Yellowstone Drag Strip

$50 and a helmet is all you need to enter.

Come to a Wednesday night Bike Night party this summer, and you'll likely overhear conversations that involve friendly trash-talking about fast motorcycles. Riders mention which mods and how much money they've been dumped into a bike, all to make it go a little bit faster.

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Now is your chance to see how fast your bike really is. Invite your buddies, so you can settle it once and for all. Race in a safe, controlled environment where you don't have to worry about some teenager or grandma pulling out in front of you. Find out more and check out the full season of drag racing action at Yellowstone Drag Strip.com  If you ever get into a motorcycle accident, call the Law Tigers, at 1-800-LAW-TIGERS. They're not just attorneys, they're riders too.

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