Yesterday afternoon I got stuck at the Railroad crossing on North 27th.  As I waited, a car with three high school aged girls pull up behind me and waited as well.  I would like to describe them to you, but all I saw was the top of their heads in my rearview mirror as if they were in prayer the whole time the train went by.  Of course their lips weren't moving, they were just bowing to the alter of the cell phone.  Curious, I looked up a few statistics.

  • Khloe Kardashian has 25.9 million followers on twitter
  • Kim Kardashian has 108.5 million followers on instagram
  • Kendall Jenner "quitting" instagram was world headlines.
  • Snapchat stocks dip after Kylie Jenner makes comments.

Have I lost my mind, am I getting old or both?  I had a rule with my kids when they got their cell phones.  At bedtime the kids had to leave their phones in the kitchen.  No phones during meal time or when company came over.  CRAZY!  The had to actually talk to another human, you know converse.  When I was a kid, before cell phones, if my mom said be home at 9 pm, I was home at 9 pm.  She couldn't text me asking where I was, and I couldn't text her with some lame excuse why I was late.  Oh, gotta run, my phone just bonked!

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