They may share a Detroit lineage, but that doesn't necessarily make Ted Nugent a fan of Jack White, whose recent appearance on 'The Tonight Show' left the Motor City Madman cold.

"It doesn’t make me want to shake a tail feather," Nugent tells Fuse. "It did not make me want to shimmy. But I'm spoiled because I came up around -- and created -- the ultimate shimmy music of all time. I'm not hearing a tight groove."

Nugent goes on to criticize White's old-school appearance too, before adding, "I wish Jack godspeed. He's made some brilliant musical statements throughout his career and I expect he will do more, but his performance was a grave letdown. And I wanted to love it, because it's so Detroit...And Detroit for me means the Motown Funk Brothers, the Bob Seger groove, the Eminem groove, the Kid Rock groove, the Amboy Dukes tightness."

Switching gears to another modern group, Nugent says he likes the grittier sounds of the Black Keys -- to a point. And Nugent is willing to help with what he sees as the Nashville-by-way-of-Akron band's musical failings.

"It grabs me, but not as much as it grabs some of the other people that rave about them," Nugent says. "With the Black Keys, I'm missing crescendos with the sax, keyboard or guitar solo. It never comes to me. All my favorite music is rife with crescendo and I'm not hearing enough with them. If you can get the Black Keys to hear this, tell them I offer my crescendo guitar anytime they desire it."

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