I don't know about you but I'm going to have to make friends with someone in Bozeman.  So many great shows coming to Brick Breeden Fieldhouse I can hardly keep up.  Thank god Bozeman is close.

I haven't see Poison in years.  In fact last time I saw Poison I was 21, that is the picture above.  Obviously that pic wasn't taken yesterday.  This is the picture that hangs in my production room at work.

You know you can always count on Def Leppard to bring the goods.  I am a huge Tesla fan and have seen them 6 times, it's time to see Poison again.  As a real grow up.

Tickets are reasonable they start at 66$ and just go up from there.  Depends how close you want to sit and have how much extra cash you have.  This show is coming to Bozeman in May, so you've got some time to plan.


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