I can't wait for Thanksgiving. I love getting my turkey in the brine the night before and planning out the menu and shopping list so I can avoid last-minute trips to the grocery store on Wednesday. Having a couple of days off to eat leftovers, play cards, drink wine way too early in the day and relaxing with my family is great. Thanksgiving is awesome. Of course, the star of the show... is the food.

Turkey (and/or a ham), maybe prime rib, mashed potatoes and homemade gravy, green bean casserole, stuffing, soft warm dinner rolls, pies. So good. I'm making myself super hungry just thinking about it.

There are a couple of foods that I just don't get into on Thanksgiving. One is yams or sweet potatoes. Technically, they are not the same tuber. When you see yams in the store they are oftentimes just sweet potatoes labeled as yams. Anyway, I think they're gross. They're slimy and even when covered with marshmallows or brown sugar I still don't care for them.

The other one on my list is cranberry sauce.  "You have to try real homemade cranberry sauce!" scream the foodies. I have. I don't care for it any more than I care for the jello-ey blob of canned cranberry sauce. I think the people that take a blob of cranberry sauce on Thanksgiving, just do so to be polite.

How about you? Which Thanksgiving foods do you love, and which ones would you rather do without?