Unlike some, my family is not laden with holiday traditions but we do have a few and here they are:

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1. Turkey, turkey, turkey. Yes I know, not that unique BUT some families have ham instead, some Mexican families have tomales and yet others do roast beef. For my family though it's not Thanksgiving without turkey. Ironically turkey was a minor component of the first Thanksgiving as the pilgrims ate a variety of meats during this feast and are reported to have included seal and lobster. If Thanksgiving had started in Montana the meats probably would have been Elk and Venison. To each his own I guess.

2. I have to burn the dinner rolls. It's a running joke in my family and even though I try to avoid this, it happens every year without fail. There are so many things on the stove (I'm the cook in my family) and the ready to heat and eat rolls cook so fast that I always torch the first batch because of all the distractions. That's why we always buy two packages.

3. The Toilet Bowl! This is a touch football game with my brother-in-law and my nephews featuring bad strategy and even less skill, so much less that we could probably play this game with a beach ball.

Unfortunately some families can't afford a nice meal on Thanksgiving. Thanks to the Breakfast Flakes 1500 needy families haven't had to do without for over 20 years. This Saturday they'll be at Metra Park to provide meals to many and many more will be delivered to those with disabilities or without transportation. With the snow that's falling we may need even more drivers than normal. If you'd like to volunteer please show up to Metra Park this Saturday at 10am for a drivers meeting and be prepared to spend a few hours on the road getting these meals to families who wouldn't get to enjoy Thanksgiving otherwise. Thank you.