How was your December 6th?  Many people don't know that today is Saint Nicholas Day.  It's not Santa, but many say that is where the concept came from. Saint Nicholas actually sold his possessions and gave his money back to the poor.  Tradition has it that on December 6th you would leave your shoes or stockings by the fire or exchange small gifts.  Now, this is where it gets murky with the Santa thing.  Many around Christmas time hang stockings by the fire with care in hopes that St. Nick will soon be there.  The big difference is that Saint Nicholas day is celebrated worldwide on December 6th.  Many people think of Santa and the birth of Christ on December 25.  As you see in my picture, I thought I would give this "leave out the shoe" thing a go today.  I didn't get any gifts, although my wife did leave a new package of odor eaters next to them.  Guess I have 19 more days to hope and wish on December 25.

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