Six Hilarious - Completely Inappropriate - Valentine Gift Ideas
Anyone in a relationship longer than a week, understands that humor is a large part of making things work. If you can't laugh with each other about the struggles life throws your way, then you are going to have a difficult time. We found six funny, risque gift ideas for you to check out this Valentines Day.
What Women Want for Christmas
Well, I have found a list of what women don't want.  This way you'll know what not to buy.  I believe most women will give you a couple hints.  You can always just listen and figure it out. I don't know how much you were planning on spending on your lady but the average women thinks you should spend about $215 dollars on a present...
5 Great Gifts for the Music Lover on Your List
We've all got the T-shirts and the posters, even the books about our favorite bands.  But what about coloring books and music boxes?  All of the gifts below are under 20$ and not your run of the mill regular rock memorabilia.
What Kinds of Gifts Does Your Family Get You?
My birthday was over the holiday weekend.  The best part about my birthday for me is getting all the phone calls from people that I don't see very often.  Maybe we went to college, maybe we worked together in the past.  I'm such a dork, I sit at home on my birthday and wait to talk to everyone...
5 Easy-to-Make Father’s Day Gift Ideas
Sometimes it's hard to find just the right gift for dad. You can only buy so many ties and tools before the 'cool' factor wears off. However, if you make dad a gift it will be something he will cherish forever. These are gifts that need a little adult supervision and assistance, but are based on the kids photos or artwork...