Let me first say I know nothing about Sherry Long. She is currently running for Yellowstone County's Treasurer/Assessor/Superintendent of Schools. She could be the best candidate or she could be the worst. I'll never know because I can't get past her ridiculous commercial. In this age of seriously dumbed-down political ads where each candidate usually accuses each other of nefarious intent and crimes just short of being the spawn of Satan she gets a couple of points for putting on a positive campaign. But who is she campaigning to... 5 year olds?  In one fell swoop this candidate just made herself the poster child for what not to do in a TV ad. The only possible way that "Vote Sherry Long HEY!" will be effective is if her goal is to get people to save energy by turning off their TV's.

Ms. Long would have been better paying for a billboard like the one above.

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