I believe by now you know how much I love my dog Conan.  He's the best friend I've ever had and he's a rescue dog.  I am all for rescues, until you own one you just don't know.  It'll be the best pet you've ever had.

The Billings Jaycee's are host their 3rd annual Tails & Trails Aug. 20th.  This will helps support the animal community here in Billings.  Pre-registration is happening now until the end of the month.  But don't feel like you can't just show up on the day off.

Don't run?  I get it.  I don't run unless I'm scared or hungry this is not only a run but also a walk.  I'll walk with you.  There will also be an optional obstacle course for our four-legged friends.  Just so you know, Conan (my big bog) is gonna kill it!