Who doesn't love a crispy, salt laden slice of fried potato? The Lay's potato chip is almost perfect in it's most basic form. So why do these idiots keep trying to assault my taste buds with ridiculous flavors???

Lay's Newest Flavors Include Mac and Cheese, Mango Salsa, and Cappuccino? I mean sure, I enjoy all of those things. And if I want a Cappuccino, I'll go to f*&king Starbucks and get one!!

Remember last year when Lay's introduced experimental potato chip flavors, and people could vote for the best one?  They did cheesy garlic bread, Sriracha, and chicken and waffles, and cheesy garlic bread won. So that's not too bad. At least cheese is something I might actually dip a chip in.

They've got a new round of experimental flavors this year, and these are WAY weirder.


Lay's just announced they'll be rolling out four new flavors for people to buy, try, and vote on:  Cheddar bacon mac and cheese, wasabi ginger, mango salsa... and cappuccino.

The strangest flavor of the group HAS to be the cappuccino, but if you've ever wondered what a coffee-flavored potato chip tastes like, now you can find out.

Lay's hasn't made any promises about any of these flavors becoming permanent options, but I guess if one sells enough, it could.

You can start voting for the best flavor on their website soon, the contest runs through the middle of October. If Cappuccino wins It will mark the coming apocalypse. Because I have it on good authority that at least 3 of the 4 horsemen don't want their f*&cking chips to taste like coffee!!!!