While out and about last night, cruising town and looking at the holiday lights (after a disappointing, but honestly, my fault, discovery that Holiday Nights was drive-thru only)... I came across a new business opening soon!

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I'll Have It "His" Way

With all the new businesses opening across Billings in the last month... from Santiago's Mexican Restaurant to Dave's Hot Chicken... seeing this so close to my house excited me.

Especially since the former tenant, City Brew, moved down Grand Avenue from the corner of 17th & Grand a smidge to the former Pizza Hut lot at 1604 Grand Avenue.

Have you guessed the business yet? If not, here it is.

Credit: Canva / YouTube
Credit: Canva / YouTube

It's Jersey Mike's! When I tell you I jumped for joy at this red light last night... I did. It is the #1 fast food sandwich joint in my eyes... and I am happy to have one smack dab between Shiloh and the Heights!

Don't Become Subway, Jersey Mike's

Now, I want to be clear on this. PLEASE stop here. At least, maybe put up one more around South Billings Blvd... but don't become Subway. Considering there are nearly 20 locations scattered across the Billings/Lockwood/Laurel area... I think 3 is the sweet spot for us to have it "Mike's Way".

Oh, and Jersey Mike's owners here in Billings... we'd love to chat about Townsquare Media being the official radio station group of Jersey Mike's sandwiches in Billings. ;) 

What are your thoughts?

Are you as excited as I am for another, more convenient location? What else do you hope comes to Billings? Let us know on App Chat or on Facebook!

P.S. If you haven't seen the commercials with Danny DeVito... you are missing out. Check out two of my favorites below.

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