Saturday's weather was amazing. While many of us were firing up the grill, this guy was trying to keep people out of the fires of Hell. I'm not sure how long he's been doing this (or who he is), but I'm pretty sure I've been seeing him since I first moved here 15 years ago.

Growing up in the Bible Belt, I'm no stranger to evangelists. In fact, we actually had a person with a similar setup who would come to my middle school quarterly known only as "The Bible Lady". She would strap on a large mic with a beaded chain and plug it into her tiny p.a. speaker and teach us all stories from the bible using characters cut out of felt. This guy makes me nostalgic for those times every time I encounter him.

I wanted to go up and interview him, but it seemed wrong to interrupt a sermon, so I passed. If you know his story, feel free to share.

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