Curious to see what the priciest house in the state of Montana is? Here's the answer...

Business Insider just released a drool-worthy list of the most expensive homes in every state. For example, California is the state in America with the most expensive home. According to their list, this jaw-droppingly beautiful Beverly Hills house checks in at $149 million dollars. It's a sight to behold, believe us.

The least most expensive home in the U.S. when broken down state-by-state resides in North Dakota. This house will only set you back $2.78 million dollars.

When it comes to the state of Montana, there is one that is 16,000 square feet and sits atop a beautiful ski hill (Bozeman? Whitefish? We think? Someone help us out here...) that goes for a blistering $18 million dollars.

(Feast your eyes on the priciest homes in every state by visiting this link.)