A few months ago we heard the monumental news that FXX had paid an astonishing $750 million for syndication and streaming rights to the entire library of 'The Simpsons,' not only an unprecedented deal in the history of TV rights, but also for making America's favorite animated family more accessible than ever before. Now, the network has announced its intent to kick things off with an impressive 12-day marathon of all 522 episodes this coming August.

In addition to the marathon outlined by FX president John Landgraf from FX's New York upfronts, a new streaming app is expected to debut in coming weeks, rumored to be dubbed “Simpsons World” though spokesman John Solberg said a name was “not formalized yet.” The app would also be independent from FX’s “FXNow” mobile-viewing application, and is described as "a comprehensive, beautifully curated digital library of all things ‘Simpsons.'"

As for the marathon itself, currently slated for August, Landgraf said “It will be the longest continuous marathon in the history of television." FXX will also begin airing reruns from the first 24 seasons of the long-running FOX comedy in August, with additional seasons to be added after airing on FOX. That is to say, FXX will begin airing episodes from the current 25th season once FOX has premiered season 26.

Gonna need some extra squishee from the Kwik-E-Mart, but what say you? Will you watch the mammothly cromulent 'Simpsons' marathon this coming August on FXX? Will it matter to the network all the same?

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