Though we're still a couple weeks away from the release of 'The Amazing Spider-Man 2,' Sony is really excited about their 'Spider-Man' brand plans, as they've all but confirmed that 'The Cabin in the Woods' helmer Drew Goddard will be directing ',' which Goddard is also currently writing.

Goddard's hiring as director was implied when Sony announced that he would be writing 'The Sinister Six' and Alex Kurtzman would be writing and directing the '' movie, but it seems that the studio was waiting to see what Goddard turned in, as The Hollywood Reporter announced that he's just now working out his deal to direct. Though Goddard only has 'Cabin' to his credit as a director, he recently helped save 'World War Z' and is currently helping Marvel bring a 'Daredevil' series to Netflix.

Sony is pretty gung-ho about their 'Spider-Man' plans and it could be this news is dropping to help build excitement for 'The Amazing Spider-Man 2,' which starts opening internationally on April 16 before coming to America on May 2. Considering that (at least domestically) each new 'Spider-Man' movie has made less than the one that came before, Sony must think they have a real winner on their hands to make this sort of commitment.

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