As a born and raised Montanan (with a bit of NoDak mixed in for good measure), I'm no stranger to a steak dinner or a burger. However, at times, you just want something different. Sure, you could go for the boring salad... but where's the fun in that!

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I've gone through and found the BEST vegetarian options across Billings, thanks to some help from Yelp.

#5: TEN

The TEN at the Northern Hotel is a wonderful fine dining option, catering to a wide range of people. Whether you'll eat anything you're offered, or you are vegetarian, they have you covered... though you'll have to stick to the small plates menu.

#4: Uberbrew

This brewery is one to visit, with a fantastic atmosphere and wonderful drinks selection. Though, if you're coming for dinner, they have that covered too. Try their Mac and Cheese, or Power Salad!

#3: The Athenian

Ahhhhh greek cuisine. It holds a VERY special place in my heart, especially after Jamie at MetraPark got me hooked on it. Athenian goes out of its way to highlight vegetarian options, like Falafel, Gyros, and more.

#2: The Fieldhouse

Swanky, upscale food can be found at the Fieldhouse! Kicked up Mac & Cheese, Risotto, or their signature Fieldhouse Salad. Though, admittedly... I would have to try that Wagyu Sirloin myself.

#1: Five on Black

Ever since a coworker at my last radio gig brought me lunch from Five on Black one day... It's been one of the TOP of my own personal charts. And for vegetarians, this is a fast and spot-on choice. Their Brazilian street food menu is made for you to build your own meal, and it can be anything you want... vegetarian or not.

What are your thoughts? Where is your favorite spot to eat, sans meat? Let us know on App Chat or on Facebook!

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