As of last nights vote the West Hollywood City Council has approved the proposal that asked that the Presidents star on the Hollywood walk of fame be removed. Reports say the vote was unanimous. As I am sure you have seen in the past few months in the news that the star has become subject to a lot of controversy. Many people have either painted on it, tried to dig it up, ice picked it, and more.

Donald Trump's Hollywood Walk Of Fame Star Gets Vandalized
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Reports this morning say that the city council will now talk about their recommendations to other municipalities. They will send a formal letter to the Los Angeles Mayor Mr. Garcetti, as well as the Los Angeles City Council, and last but not least the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce to make sure they agree with their actions. There is more to the story of why some members want the star removed, other than they have to keep fixing it. A few members on various boards do not like some of President Trumps actions/words in the past. As of now we will just have to wait and watch and see what will happen to his star. What do you think about this?

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