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Remember old signs around Billings.  When you drive or walk downtown, sometimes you will look up at the side of a building and see an old sign painted and fading.  "that looks a 7up sign".  On the side of one building it says Barbazan Hotel.  I Laurel there is an old building that says FORD, so I assume is was once a dealership.  All are a link to the past.  Stories behind the buildings, the people that lived and worked in them.  For the curious minded, you should know that you can actually take a tour of the "Ghost Signs".  The Western Heritage Center in Billings is offering a tour tomorrow, June 23rd from 10a-12p.  On the tour you'll find out and why the signs were painted.  Check out the Ghost signs once, and I bet you will forever cast your eyes to them when you pass them

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