He may not have filled the seats during his failed presidential campaign in Iowa, but the political winds certainly pushed liberal Governor Steve Bullock (D-MT) even further left on some key issues for Montana voters.

As The New York Times mentioned in their piece reporting that Bullock is likely to enter the US Senate race in Montana, Bullock's hard-left views on guns will likely prove problematic. But Bullock's gun-control push isn't his only challenge in a possible match-up against a popular pro-Trump incumbent like Senator Steve Daines (R-MT).

I went back in to our archives and found just *some* of the stories we've featured in recent months showing the radical positions Bullock staked out on the campaign trail. Here's a snapshot:

First, there's the fact that Bullock is either being forced into this race, or he was lying when he repeatedly said that he would not run for the US Senate. There were some other embarrassments along the presidential campaign trail- like when Bullock got busted for using taxpayer dollars to campaign. Or, when he struggled to name his greatest achievement as governor. Then there was the really big embarrassment when Bullock got busted for not knowing how to man a BBQ grill.

Embarrassments aside, it is the issues that will really hamper a potential Bullock Senate bid. Here's just three in particular.

Keystone XL Pipeline- "Both ways Bullock" used to pretend to support the pipeline. Now he's trashing it:

Gov. Steve Bullock today submitted comments on behalf of the State of Montana on the Draft Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement (Draft SEIS) for the Proposed Keystone XL Pipeline, expressing concerns over the failure to adequately analyze potential spill impacts and response, cultural resource impacts, and fish and wildlife resource impacts.

On guns: Bullock previously campaigned in support of 2nd Amendment rights, and now wants to ban semi-automatic rifles. He also says "no one needs a 30-round magazine."


And it's not just guns, keystone, and campaign finance- Bullock has also trashed coal and the coal business which supports important labor union jobs back here in Montana. This was all summed up in a recent ad mocking "the out-of-towner governor."







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