As the weather gets more sunny and the temperatures start to rise, there becomes a hint of Spring in the air. With that, there is a hint of something else that will start to be in the air very soon. Weddings.

Spring and early summer seem to be the most popular times of the year for people to get married anywhere.

According to The Wedding Report, the average cost of a wedding in 2014 was $21,767 and Montana ranked 44th out of 51 states. Our state was in that ballpark ranging anywhere from $17,000 to $20,000. Pretty wild considering I don't normally spend that much on a new car

What about locations? We have a bunch of nice wedding venues around Billings.

Even though I am not in the market to get married, I have personally been to some of the venues around town and can say that I have been impressed with what I have seen.

Whether it be indoors or outdoors, the choices are definitely here. All you have to do is look around and see what you like best and what best fits your needs.

So is there a wedding for you or someone you know this year? Where do you think the best location for having a wedding in Billings is?