Are you working from home? How is it going? I wish I could find some better data on how many people in Billings are working from home right now. I personally know a number of companies big and small that have sent some - or all - of their employees home. I also know that a lot of people are still going to work.

As of today (3/24) I am still going to the office for 90% of my job. We have minimal contact, soap and sanitizer on everyone's desks and our office is taking cleaning and social distancing seriously. Broadcast media is considered an essential service, so yeah... many of us still get to come to work. For now, anyway. We have the tools in place to do our radio shows and broadcast from home if mandated. And of course, we can do all of our website, Mobile App and other stuff from anywhere with an internet connection. My biggest worry is, "How will I be able to get any work done at home?"

Seriously, how do you maintain focus? How do you not crack a beer at noon? How do you find a quiet spot to work in a house full of kids and dogs and God-knows-what-else during a video conference or phone call?

Oh, and now is a great time to take a break and make a fried egg sandwich, play with the dog, call some friends, dink around outside and then maybe catch-up with Netflix. For two hours. Maybe that's how life should be in the first place. Too deep? Sorry.

Our company sent out this handy info-graph about working from home:

Credit: TSM
Credit: Townsquare Media

I love the first tip: get out of bed and get dressed (good advice in general). The other tips make sense too. Honestly, I think most employers who are sending you home to work are probably understanding enough about the current COVID-19 health situation and aren't really expecting your best performance. Everyone is worried about much bigger things happening in our world and our community than that TPS report.

Here are some other good links I found for working remotely.

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