Tommy Lee's family life was front and center earlier this year when his son Brandon knocked him unconscious, giving him a swollen lip in the process. The altercation then hit the media with Lee and his son offering differing sides of the account. While Lee ultimate decided not to pursue legal action against his son, a war of words between the two continued on social media over the next few weeks beyond the incident.

It now looks like there's a happy ending to the family conflict, with Lee recently posting a photo of himself hugging his son with the caption "Love you son" and tagging Brandon's social media as well.

The initial conflict arose during an eventful week in which his ex-wife Pamela Anderson revisited Tommy's 1998 arrest with Piers Morgan and Lee calling both out for dredging up the history. Brandon claimed that his striking Lee was a matter of self-defense while attempting to address his father's alcoholism, while Lee claimed that he was in bed with his fiance when Brandon busted in and knocked him unconscious.

After a very public war of words around Father's Day, both sides eventually dropped their beef, at least in public, and it by the looks of Tommy's Instagram post and one of Brandon's video postings of them hanging in the studio shared via TMZ below, it appears as though they've worked through their conflict.

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