Without Black Sabbath, it's pretty much a guarantee we wouldn't have U.K. stoner metal champs Orange Goblin. Their sound borrows heavily from the riffing of Tony Iommi, with massive, pendular blues licks riding an eternal groove, eschewing the gloomier aspects of Sabbath's catalog, opting for feel-good licks and an upbeat vibe.

"My relationship with Sabbath started when the dad of our bass player, Martyn [Millard], introduced us to the Blackest Sabbath compilation when we were kids. As soon as we heard the intro and opening riff to the song ‘Black Sabbath’ we were instantly hooked and our life paths took a drastic change," Ward begins. "I became obsessed with the band and spent every waking hour listening to them, watching them, reading about them and hunting high and low for any Sabbath merch or albums that I could find. They say there are bands that change people’s lives and Black Sabbath are the reason that I am who I am today. All hail Black Sabbath, the Dark Princes of Downer Rock!"

 Orange Goblin's new album, The Wolf Bites Back, is out now through Spinefarm / Candlelight and is their ninth studio offering. It's another platter of dirty blues, rollicking riffs and roaring guitars with a venomous, gritty vocal bite that should please longtime fans and newcomers alike.

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