I remember the pictures back in the day of bears coming up to cars in Yellowstone National Park.  This is the 1950's and 60's.  Tourists would roll down their window and feed the bears.  Since then you could get a ticket if you bothered the animals.  Now we are down to this!

Yellowstone National Park administrators are telling visitors to honk their horn and drive away if a bear approaches and touches their vehicle after two cases of bears approaching cars.

Park spokeswoman Morgan Warthin said Tuesday that a grizzly bear near Yellowstone Lake came up to a car and started playing with its antenna in late May.

Also in May, Warthin says, a black bear previously fed by people in the Mammoth Hot Springs area approached a vehicle, put its paws on a door and looked into the vehicle's windows.

Bears that get accustomed to people and view humans as a food source can become a public safety threat and are sometimes killed as a precaution.

Warthin says honking a car horn helps discourage such behavior.

I'm all good with this but what about the idiots who try to pet a bison?

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