You already know rock music is pretty powerful stuff (duh).  Rock music was used to get Manuel Noriega out of his hideout back in 1989, when US forces surrounded the embassy with loudspeaker mounted Hummers and blasted him with high volume rock hits from the Clash, Guns N' Roses and the Doors.

In Iraq, soldiers frequently used Metallica's "Enter Sandman" to fatigue the enemy. The Branch Davidians in Waco were blasted by audio warfare, with non-stop, high volume loops of Nancy Sinatra's "The Boots are Made For Walking" mixed with Tibetan monk chants, jet fighter sounds and the screaming of rabbits being killed. The use of loud music in the interrogation rooms at Guantanamo Bay is well documented (not always rock songs, Barney was in on it too).

So what get's the bison near Yellowstone National Park moving? AC/DC.  Specifically, Hell's Bells. According to this story from ABC Montana News, Gallatin County Sheriffs officers report that they can usually get stubborn bison to move off the road by honking their cruisers air horn and flipping on the cherries. But if the bison refuse to move.... look out.  It's AC/DC time!! Officers say that blasting Hell's Bells through their squad car loudspeakers does the trick.