Watch Out Bear!
... honk their horn and drive away if a bear approaches and touches their vehicle after two cases of bears approaching cars.
Three Fined for Poaching
Three men have been fined $2,600 each and stripped of their hunting, fishing and trapping privileges for 4-and-a-half years for poaching three bison near Gardiner, according to Montana wildlife officials. Jessie Darr, Ryley Heidt and Peyton Simmons each pleaded guilty to unlawful possession of game, waste of game and hunting out of season in Park County Justice Court...
Bison Abound
The NBA just had their meeting southwest of Bozeman at the Flying D Ranch.  I know why would 6'8" athletes be meeting there to talk basketball.  Turns out the Flying D Ranch belongs to media mogul Ted Turner and the NBA  is the National Bison Association...