Whenever you leave home there are things you miss. I have left for a long while and come back. When I do return home I realize the things I miss most about B-town.

There are many things to miss about this place and of course the normal things are friends and family but I'm talking about more of those little things or spots you'll miss.


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    Hiking the Rims

    I love hiking the Rims and looking out at night as well. Cool scene and something pretty particular in the state.

    Charene Herrera TSM
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    Great shows, and even more have been coming the past few years!

    Charene Herrera TSM
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    Downtown Events

    From Alive after Five, Fix after Six to the Strawberry Festival.

    Charene Herrera TSM
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    Central Park

    Probably because I grew up right across from Central Park and mainly always in close proximity to it, I really love it. It is such a nice park to take in all sorts of fun and activities. I use to climb the trees to and spy on people passing by with my friends. Good times.

    Charene Herrera TSM
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    High School Sports

    We have a great group of area and surrounding high schools, so sports is very competitive. I went to Billings Central, so I always love to follow them. The bigger schools provide some great rivals as well as Central and Laurel.

    Charene Herrera TSM