Tom Petty turns 65 today, what a musician.  Really, what hasn't this man done?  Super Bowl performance, no, wait he's done that too.

What are you favorite Petty songs?  What would you have put on the list?

  • 1

    American Girl

    The song was ranked 76th on the list of "The 100 Greatest Guitar Songs of All Time" by Rolling Stone.

  • 2

    I Won't Back Down

    Petty recalled the recording of this song to Mojo magazine: "At the session George Harrison sang and played the guitar. I had a terrible cold that day, and George went to the store and bought a ginger root, boiled it and had me stick my head in the pot to get the ginger steam to open up my sinuses, and then I ran in and did the take.

  • 3

    Runnin' Down a Dream

    Still one of the best music videos ever in my book.  Never get tired of this one.

  • 4

    Stop Draggin' My Heart Around

    I wish Stevie Nicks and Tom would have done an entire album.

  • 5


    My personal favorite, simple but heartfelt.

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