Airport Baggage claim

What's one thing you really could afford but absolutely REFUSE to spend money on based on principle?

According to some friends on Reddit, here are five that most tend to agree on...

1.  Those pesky carry-on bag fees on airplanes.  We get it, it's one thing to pay out for checked bags, but paying just to bring a bag on the plane is absolutely STUPID.

2.  WiFi in a hotel is another one.  The worst part is that it's always so spotty and unreliable in the first place. That, and did you notice the cheaper hotels are almost never charging for Wi-Fi? What gives?

3. Grrrrrrr.... ATM fees.  I will drive 18 miles to the nearest branch of my bank just to AVOID the $2.50 charge. Again, it's the principle of the issue!

4.  Candy Crush.  Never played it, because I know I'd get addicted to it. And then I'd have to shell out for extra lives, moves, and power-ups.  And once you pay for them ONCE, you'll do it again.

5.  Drinks for girls who appear next to you when you're standing at the bar, then disappear right after you hand them a drink.

What else should go on the list?  I have a friend who won't pay for valet parking at restaurants.  It's not that he can't spare a few bucks . . . he just thinks it's ridiculous, and would rather drive around for an HOUR looking for a street spot.

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