It is no secret that Montana is home to a plethora of guns, but did you know that Yellowstone County is one of the most heavily armed counties in the United States, according to BroBible, a news, information and entertainment website.

In fact, it ranked 14th in the top 30 most-armed counties in the nation. The rank is based on Yellowstone County's population of 129,352 and 48.7 percent of residents owning a firearm.

How did they get this info? One thought is that registered firearms would be public knowledge, right?

Do you think it's accurate given that there are an untold number of unregistered guns all across America, including right here in Yellowstone County?

Yellowstone County is the only Montana county to make the list.

South Dakota, Alaska, Idaho, and Utah each had more than one county making the top 20.

Does this information give you pause for any reason?