Ah, strip clubs... they're always so classy. I won't even try to lie to you and claim to be a prude, because I have certainly visited "gentlemen's clubs" more than a handful of times in my life. However, the last time was almost exactly ten years ago at my bachelor party in Las Vegas. Which I only vaguely remember. I do recall it being outrageously expensive compared to the fine dancing establishments around Montana and I'm pretty sure the "talent" was of a higher caliber. Otherwise, my strip club days are in the past. Unless the wife wants to stop by Planet Lockwood one of these nights.

Regardless, I still appreciate the hard work the girls put into their jobs and when I saw the viral video this week of a stripper falling FIFTEEN FEET off the pole, I couldn't help but cringe. If you haven't seen it yet, check this out.

Holy cow. And props to the poor girl (Twitter handle Honey Badger) who somehow maintained her composure and kept on twerking. I can't believe she wasn't knocked out cold. It turns out she fractured her jaw, broke some teeth and sprained her ankle when she crashed to the stage.

Honey Badger has a gofundme account that as of today (2/12) has raised almost $37,000. Which is great for her. Most strippers are considered self-employed or 1099 employees and it sounds like the club where she works does not offer health insurance.

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