If people think about Twisted Sister or Krokus at all these days, they probably remember them as completely unrelated bands who happened to enjoy their respective commercial peaks during roughly the same portion of the '80s. But the truth is that they've actually been bitter enemies for more than 30 years.

Twisted Sister frontman Dee Snider delved into their decades of animosity in his recently released memoir, 'I Still Wanna Rock,' dismissing his enemies as 'Crapus' and addressing them directly by threatening, "You have no idea how close you came to landing on the bottom of a lake."

What provoked all this? Sewing -- specifically, some work Krokus hired Snider's wife to do on the stage costumes for their 1982 tour. Suzette Snider, whose mother emigrated from Krokus' home country of Switzerland, was enthusiastic about taking the gig because "I was proud of this rock band from the home country of my mother," but things went sour when Krokus refused to pay her for the outfits. As Dee put it, "These guys ripped off my wife and threatened her."

You might expect Krokus to chalk it all up to a misunderstanding, but Bravewords quotes band member Chris von Rohr as saying, "The clothes did not match at all our expectations. Too much harlequin style. So we made a bonfire of it." However, he added, "If we have not treated his wife with due respect, we are sorry." So sorry, in fact, that he proposed the two bands bury the hatchet the old-fashioned way -- by performing a co-headlining festival set.

"If they are serious, I think it's a nice gesture," Snider responded when reached for comment. "But I have to ask my wife first if she is ready to forgive Krokus."

Unlike Twisted Sister, which hasn't released any new and/or non-Christmas music since 1987, Krokus will be touring this year in support of a new album, 'Dirty Dynamite.' Vocalist Marc Storace recently discussed the new record, along with whatever else is happening with Krokus, in the 40-minute interview embedded below.

Watch an In-Depth Interview with Marc Storace of Krokus

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