Sounds like it was a busy weekend around Billings for local law enforcement. Things apparently got a little wild at a house party/bonfire just after midnight on Saturday night near Huntley. From the Yellowstone County Sherrif's Department press release:

"On Saturday, 2-29-20, at approximately 12:40 AM, Deputies were dispatched to a loud party in the  area of Rip Rap Road, near Huntley. Deputies were initially informed that the complainant estimated approximately 150 people were partying at the residence and surrounding area. When Deputies, as well as MHP Troopers arrived in the area, it was determined that there were probably twice the number of people at the party than originally reported. There was also a complaint that vehicles were being parked on property, which belongs to the golf course.

 Deputies did make contact with the party organizer and advise him of the complaint. He said he would have the cars moved. They also agreed to start shutting down the party.

 While at this scene, Deputies were contacted by dispatch and were told that an individual with a gunshot wound had just been admitted to a local hospital. The shooting victim stated that the shooting occurred at a bon-fire party near Huntley. No information about the victim or their condition is available at this time.

 Anyone with information about this incident is asked to call the Yellowstone County Sheriff’s Office at 406-256-2929."

Wow. Sounds like a pretty raging party. Reminder: guns and alcohol are never a good combination. There was another shooting incident reported early Monday morning (3/2), around 4 AM on Avenue B. From Billings Police Departments Twitter account (the first Tweet incorrectly reported it on Ave C):

Follow up Tweet with corrected address:

I know everybody has spring fever, but maybe we all need to take a deep breath and chill out a little bit with the shootings and whatnot. Sheesh.

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