The Miss Montana to Normandy plane and crew is now back in Montana, and they stayed overnight in Billings.

Before they finally head home to Missoula, folks in Billings now have a chance to see the plane and meet the crew! Bryan Douglass tells us that the plane and the crew will be on hand at Edwards Jet Center in Billings from 9AM to 2PM Monday June 24th.

The Miss Montana will touch down in Missoula at 4:30pm. Visitors are welcome to meet the plane at the Museum of Mountain Flying for its arrival.



In case you missed it, CBS Sunday Morning featured a great story about the Miss Montana to Normandy Flight as they get ready to head to Normandy for the 75th anniversary of D D-Day.

Here's the full video thanks to KTVQ-TV's YouTube page:


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Credit Miss Montana to Normandy Facebook page (used with permission)
Credit Miss Montana to Normandy Facebook page (used with permission)

When the Miss Montana to Normandy crew finally landed in Duxford, England- the other pilots who made the journey from all over the world fessed up: They didn't even think the old C47 Mann Gulch firefighting plane would ever make it.

That's what Bryan Douglass had to say as he joined us live on the radio from Duxford, England. He told us about their remarkable journey across the Greenland Ice sheet, and shared a great story about their interaction with the British tower crew as they made their arrival into Duxford.

Click below to listen in as we chatted with Bryan Douglass LIVE from Duxford, England:


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