This video, recorded by and uploaded using Twitter's new video sharing app Vine, gives us yet another horrifying look into the the human race's tragic loss of decency and decorum. 

I don't really give two !@#*s who you think you are, you're losing your cool over electronics? Seriously, let that sink in for a minute. This woman capable of this kind of public display over an Apple product. After briefly perusing Apple's product catalog just to make sure, I failed to find anything in their product lineup that would fall under the "necessary to sustain and protect human life" category.

This woman is not only publicly embarrassing herself, she's somehow convinced that it's okay to berate an hourly retail representative! Does she think this poor soul has some sort of hotline back to Apple HQ that will allow her to change company protocol just because she raises her voice?

I hope someone shows this video to the woman. She needs to see how ridiculous she looks doing something like that. And then she walks her entitled ass right back into that store and apologizes to that employee to their face.

PS As a former retail employee, I can assure you that this kind of behavior will never end well for you. You will not get what you want, in fact they will likely go out of their way to make sure you don't get what you want.

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