When we last saw former Dio guitarist Vivian Campbell, he was playing his first show with new band Last in Line (and possibly conjuring up ghosts in the process) -- all this despite an ongoing battle with cancer. Still, though, according to Last in Line drummer Vinny Appice, the disease has taken its inevitable toll on Campbell's stamina.

“We were going to play a bunch of festivals but Viv had to take care of himself," Appice told Get Your Rock Out (quotes via Classic Rock Magazine). "When he gets fully better we’ll book more next year."

But Appice is still impressed by his bandmate's strength of spirit: “He amazes me -- I’ve played with guys going, ‘I’ve got a cold, I can’t go on…’ But he’s doing chemo, and he’s rocking out. He’s loaded with energy, and God bless him, it’s great."

And it may not be much longer before Last in Line is able to do a full tour schedule. Earlier this week, Viv took to Facebook to post a treatment update, writing, "It's chemo number 10 today. Only two more left after this, then it's goodbye cancer, welcome back eyebrows - brilliant!"

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