Last year, when the owners of Cajun Phatty's announced the news that they had acquired The Midway Bar & Grill on Grand Avenue, and the follow-up news that they were combining Cajun Phatty's & The Midway into one NEW business (Phatty's Seafood & Steakhouse), it seemed like that was the final curtain call for the location on King Avenue West.

"I'm Back" - Cajun Phatty's, 2024, Probably

Credit: Canva / Google / Cajun Phatty's
Credit: Canva / Google / Cajun Phatty's

Yes, I realize the Terminator reference here is silly... but it's true! A return "from the dead" officially has happened for Cajun Phatty's on King Avenue West. The Grand-Reopening of Cajun Phatty's was yesterday, April 1st, 2024... and it was no joke!

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Now open in their former location, at 2564 King Avenue West, Suite F, you'll be able to find what you've missed out on for nearly a year. That classic and beloved food from Cajun Phatty's.

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They're open Monday through Saturday, 11 AM to 3 PM, exclusively for Lunch & Take Out orders... with Phatty's Seafood and Steakhouse taking over for the dinner crowd.

Heck, just today, Cajun Phatty's shared photos of their mouth-watering Chicken & Waffles with candied bacon... and their Crawfish Po-boy on authentic Gambino bread.

Welcome back, Cajun Phatty's! Honestly, 2 locations is a great thing. And, being open for Lunch... even better.

What are your thoughts?

Did you miss the lunch options from Cajun Phatty's? What have you thought about the new Phatty's Seafood and Steakhouse? Let us know on App Chat or on Facebook.

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