I spend a lot of my time "searching" for stuff to write and talk about here in Bozeman and Montana, so I stumbled across a website called weirdfacts.com and what a little treasure trove that turned out to be!

We've all heard of those strange state laws that each state has, well Montana is not exempt.  In fact, there are a few that will definitely make you shake your head and wonder "what were they thinking?"

They actually have a page that is dedicated to Montana, and some of the really strange laws that are associated with the state.

Let's highlight a few, shall we?

It is a felony for wives to open their husband's mail. I will admit I do get annoyed when my wife does this, however, I've never wished she would be charged for it.

It is illegal for the game of "Folf" to be played at night. I'm not really up on the history of Folf, it seems it's a more recently invented game, so this would probably be a more recently created law. I'm not sure I understand the reasoning.

Disc golfer shows excellent form and release for ideal putting shot.

It is illegal for an unmarried woman to go fishing alone. I'm not sure I want to touch this one.  I mean, really?  That probably needs to be changed.

In Montana, no item may be thrown across the street. Ok, this doesn't really seem weird to me. I mean, you shouldn't litter, so I can totally get behind this one.

Finally, when a prisoner is released from being incarcerated, authorities are to supply them with a horse and a pistol. I mean, not the best idea, but not the worst. Horses are environmentally friendly and a pistol would come in handy if you were attacked by some wild beast. So, I can kind of understand.

While, I've certainly seen states with weirder laws, we might want to consider changing a couple of these. Especially that fishing one.

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