Yes, despite what some weather reports may have you believe, we are quickly approaching the Summer season. And however you pronounce it; disk golf, frisbee golf, folf, frolf, it doesn't matter; it's one of the best Summer activities that anyone can do in Montana, and many folks agree. The Billings area has five disk golf courses, and each has its own personality and beauty. Let's take a look at them.

Diamond X

Credit: Bender Customs on YouTube
Credit: Bender Customs on YouTube

Diamond X is described by Bender Customs on YouTube as the, "toughest disk golf course I have ever played." The course is just north of Billings on Molt Road and features 18 holes with a distance of over 6,000 total feet. Many disk golfers describe it as disk golf combined with hiking, so make sure to bring water and watch for wild animals.

High Sierra Park

Located behind Skyview High School in the Heights, this 14-acre park also boasts an 18-hole disk golf course spanning nearly 5,900 total feet. It's also probably the best course in town to learn how to play in the wind according to golfers because it's almost always windy on the course.

Pioneer Park

Credit: Bender Customs on YouTube
Credit: Bender Customs on YouTube

The most used park in Billings also has one of the oldest and most well-known disk golf courses in the Magic City. Sporting 9 holes across over 3,000 feet, the course is always a frequent stop for everyone from beginners to pros.

Hilner Park

The shortest disk golf course on this list, the Hilner Park course in Lockwood is perfect for new players. If you're looking for something short, but fun and friendly, this 9-hole 1,800-foot course is for you.

Emmanuel Baptist Church Disk Golf Course

Check out this dirt course on the West End, and have an awesome time. 9 holes and 2,300 feet later, you'll find that your afternoon went by pretty quickly. The course was also fitted with concrete tees donated by the Emmanuel Baptist Church late last year. It's a great course for beginners as well.

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If you want more information on league play or just want to find some cool people to play with, check out Disc Golf Billings on Facebook for times and upcoming events.

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