When I would travel out of Billings, I also felt like I was back home when I could see the radio towers on Sacrifice Cliff from the interstate, or coming into the heights.  Coming down from the east and into Lockwood, I knew I was back home.  I want to thank the City of Billings for giving me that same "warm" feeling when I come to work every day.  The picture shows you the two grocery bags that have been stuck in a tree for 6 MONTHS!  As I cross the sky bridge on my way into the Double Tree, I get this sense of belonging.  I know that workers frequently block the street to hang the community banners on the sky bridge.  You would think they could inch over just a couple of feet and take the bags out.  On the other hand, let's leave them up there.  To me, they have become a landmark of Billings, like the Rimrocks, Boothill Cemetery, and the Yellowstone River.  Wave on bags, I know your biodegradable life will keep you there for many years to come.

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