Melting snow, greening grass, blooming flowers and longer, warmer days attest that it's finally spring in Montana. It's this time of year that maybe you'll notice all the garbage around too. Blown into fences and shrub lines, tossed carelessly in the ditch, onto the curb or littered about your alley, winter seems to hide a lot of trash.

Bright n' Beautiful Billings has hosted Billings Great American Cleanup Day for years. Last year around 1,000 volunteers participated. This year, the event has been postponed due to coronavirus and social distancing guidelines. From their Facebook page:

Hi, Bright n’ Beautiful buds! Just a quick reminder of two things: our Billings Great American Cleanup won’t be happening this weekend. We’ll “pick-up” where we left off when the coast is clear. Also, please don’t do litter cleanups in small groups or even individually for now. COVID-19 lives on paper, plastic and metal for extended periods so handling litter is just not safe right now. We’ll do it later. Stay bright n’ beautiful and safe n’ healthy!

Well, shoot. I was going to say "feel free to go pick up trash with your kids", but I guess that doesn't sound prudent either. Here's an idea... stop littering!! I was appalled by the amount of beer cans, cigarette boxes, fast food packaging and other junk I spotted at my local fishing access the other day. I was taught not to litter and I teach my kids the same thing. The world is not your trashcan.

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