My husband is a huge corn fan, especially sweet corn on the cob. He buys it by the dozen, but can't eat it fast enough. We figured why not freeze several cobs so he can enjoy it throughout the entire year. As we were getting ready to blanch it, he asked me what recipe I used growing up. Recipe?  If I remember right, we just threw it in some salt water for a few minutes and then into freezer bags, let it cool for a while and then into the freezer. He wanted a recipe that included sugar and salt. Thanks to good old Google, we found just that recipe. He is a happy camper.

As we were shucking the corn and trying to get all the silk from it, I thought, there has to be an easier way to shuck corn and get most of if not all of the silk off with out picking at it for ever. What secret recipes do you have? Is there an easier way to shuck corn instead of the good old fashioned way?

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