Valentine's Day. Unfair holiday in my opinion. Unfair to guys. Completely unfair.

You have to buy her flowers. You have to take her out to dinner or you have to cook her favorite dish if you guys aren't going out to eat. You have to get her a card. And that card had better say the right things. Guys have all of the pressure.

I've some great Valentine's Day memories and some that were not so great.

One of the great ones was when my girlfriend and I got each other the exact same card.

One that was not so great was the year I got my gal yellow roses. I went with yellow because it was her favorite color. She wasn't impressed.

The good part about the rest of that particular day was that I didn't have to take her out to dinner. And we didn't have a fight about it due to the fact that she immediately quit speaking to me for four days.

"I'll be at my mother's" was the last thing she said on the way out the door. And I knew that it would be a few days because her mother hated me long before I bought the wrong colored flowers.

Another pressure-related item is when there's a concert by one of her favorite performers that will be happening sometime around February 14th... And she finds out about it. There are no subtle hints given.

If you intend to continue in this relationship, you'd better get online and get premium seats, the V.I.P package, and an extremely nice hotel suite in Las Vegas, Denver, Minneapolis, or where ever it is that you didn't know that you were flying to forty-eight hours earlier.

Check back here for more of Mark's sure-fire tips for a great Valentine's Day.

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