When official readings are taken at the Billings Logan International Airport at 5am on Christmas morning, there has to be at least one inch of snow on the ground for it to be considered a "White Christmas."

According to the National Weather Service, it was in 2017 when we last received at least an inch of accumulation on December 25. That Christmas was also the third coldest in Billings history, when the high temperature only reached 3 degrees.

Since 1934, Billings has averaged 0.3 inches of snow on Christmas Day, with a average high temperature of 35, and a low of 17. What's the probability that we will have a "White Christmas" in 2020?

As of this past Tuesday (12/8), there's a 49 percent chance of a "White Christmas" for Billings, according to the National Weather Service predictions.

The Top 3 snowfall totals on Christmas Day in Billings, from the National Weather Service:

  • 4.5 inches in 1965
  • 3.9 inches in 1996
  • 2.7 inches in 1988

In 1978 and 1984, there were 9 inches of snow on the ground at the Billings Logan International Airport, which is the top snow depth recorded on Christmas Day.

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