Yesterday, I needed a few basic household items, so after a quick trip to the nearby Albertsons, I knew I could get what I needed nice and quickly. However, as a near-religious user of grocery pickup or delivery... I didn't expect this to spit out of the machine.

The Receipt Keeps Rollin and Rollin'

After ringing up my three items... ones we ALL forget every time we get groceries (garbage bags, dish soap, and body wash... or am I the only one that forgets important stuff)... I paid, and here came my receipt. Now, for three items, you'd expect a small-ish receipt and can grab it, and go.

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When I reached out to grab the receipt, I realized the printer had simply paused and was not finished. It kept going... and going... and going... until I had this MASSIVE EIGHTEEN-INCH LONG receipt. And yes, I did measure it.

Don't believe me? Here's the full-scale image. Enjoy your scrolling. (Disclaimer: Scaling may vary on your screen. In holding said receipt up to my computer monitor, the virtual one is around 1 inch wider than normal. But... you get the point.)

Credit: Josh Rath, TSM
Credit: Josh Rath, TSM

I'm not picking on Albertsons, to be clear.

I wanted to state that, because Albertsons is my go-to grocery store. As a kid, we started going to Albertsons in Miles City when it opened on S Haynes Avenue some 15-20 years ago... or more. It's been too long, so my memory is hazy on that one.

But, come on Albertsons. You are better than this, and you know you are. I know you want to advertise your app... but I feel like there could be a better solution, rather than printing out a huge receipt.

Imagine if I bought groceries for real in person... would I get a receipt that could reach the parking lot? Time will tell. I'll still be going to Albertsons... though I do wish I could opt out of the receipt.

What are your thoughts on this huge receipt trend? Did you think CVS had the market cornered? Let us know on App Chat or on Facebook.

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