Lots of folks around Billings and Montana have been wondering how they can donate to help pay for the funeral expenses of Selena Not Afraid. I reached out to a family member, and they recommended making donations directly to Dahl Funeral Chapel. Here is the information (from a private Facebook page):

Donations for Selena Not Afraid can be made directly to Dahl Funeral Chapel by calling (406)248-8807. Donations can also be made to Dahl Funeral Chapel by mail, and please be sure to note on any check that donation is for Selena Not Afraid.Flowers for Selena's service can be sent from your choice of florist to Dahl Funeral Chapel.

There is also a GoFundme page set up if you prefer to make a donation to the family that way.

If you'd like to support the #MMIW movement here is the link to join the Coalition to Stop Violence Against Native Women.

I have seen a number of folks on social media interested in raising funds as well and when I get more details I will update this post.

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