Here's a clue: It's not Yellowstone County.

Getting as healthy as you can has been a major trend over the past 10 years or so.

From diets to detox to the latest trends in drinks, shakes and pills. Infomercials on the latest, greatest workout equipment. Pictures in magazines of "beautiful" people and TV shows that don't show a flaw on any of the elite. There is virtually no place we turn without it being shoved in our face.

Although healthy and fit is good, it isn't everything. I believe happiness is far more important and if you're happy then that is OK with me.

So what is the No. 1 healthiest county -- and which county brings up the rear -- in Montana?

According to CountryHealthRankings.Com, Gallatin County holds the top spot while Roosevelt County comes in last for this state.

Our neighborhood of Yellowstone County falls somewhere in the middle at number 19 in ranking.

Just as they say money doesn't buy happiness, I don't believe healthiness will necessarily do that either. It doesn't hurt to try, though.

I am much happier when I have a little green in my pocket and feel good about the way I look. I also know that my kids don't want me dying anytime soon, especially from a preventable health issue.

That's what keeps me going.

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